Social Media Accounts

Instagram: @blakeherrera

Twitter: @blakeherrera_


Check out my software!

I've created quite a few things for numerous platforms in the short time that i have been developing software.

iArcade Hoops (2016)

My first game on the Apple App Store, compatible with all iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad)! It's a fun, arcade style basketball game that I created in Unity with Javascript.
Click HERE to download!

Pitch Counter (2016)

My first app on the Apple App Store! It's a very simple app for baseball coaches to keep track of their pitchers.
Click HERE to download!

Impossible! (2013)

The first game I published to the Chrome Web Store, it's a basic platformer that's a fun little time-waster. You can download it here: Click HERE to download!

Pebble Watchfaces

You can find all of my Pebble Watchfaces on the "Watchfaces" tab on this website.
Click HERE to jump to the Watchfaces section!

I recently reached over 20,000 downloads on my Rolex Watchface With Date!

Download it HERE!

Chrome Themes

I also make themes for Google Chrome.

I've made quite a few Google Chrome themes, and I've listed them for you down below:

Oregon Football

My most popular theme by far, with over 30 5-star ratings and more than 10,000 users, is my Oregon Football theme. Go Ducks!

Download it HERE!

Chess theme

Despite the unoriginal name, it's one of my most popular themes with a 4 star rating and being used by more than 1,000 people to date!

Download it HERE!

Cool Car

Another generic name, but yet another good looking 4 & 1/2 star theme! A theme based around a blue Porsche.

Download it HERE!

Texas Football

Hook 'Em! This is my personal favorite that I use on my Mac that also has a 4 & 1/2 star rating! You get a nice background of Malcolm Brown running the ball.

Download it HERE!

Ice Cube

An Ice Cube theme..... because why not?

Download it HERE!

Benz Theme

If you want your browser to look like garbage, then this is the theme for you!

Download it (or not) HERE!